Bold Bean

After graduating high school I discovered this passion for independent coffee shops. I didn’t like coffee but I loved the atmosphere of each self owned place I went into. A chai tea latte became my drink. I always need to know what the brand is, if it’s powder or if it’s liquid and I need to know who in the world makes the best freakin’ chai. Moving to Jacksonville, I found a loss of independent based coffee shops. I was saddened by the vast amount of Starbucks. Where the heck was mom and pop? As my coffee taste buds grew I was still deeply upset by no place to get my fix. Thank the Lord for Bold Bean! Originally starting out as just coffee roasters they’ve within this past year opened up a coffee shop. It’s on Stockton Street in the Avondale area. I was one of the first ones to get my feet in the door and I feel like they’ve practically never left the place. It’s just what I was looking for and had hoped for. It’s places like this that make me happy to be in Jacksonville in this state of my life.  (State of life or State of life eh eh? no?)

What’s so special about Bold Bean?

-They roast all their coffee beans right there in front of ya!

-They have a variety of different ways to brew a cup of joe for you.

-All their flavors for lattes are hand made.

-It’s the only coffee that I am absolutely in love with.

What’s been my favorite so far?

I really only like iced drinks but I get hot drinks here because they make them so pretty.

Pour over of the Tanzanian Peaberry

Iced Soy Honey Vanilla Latte

Let me know what you get when you go there!



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