This Week’s Food Favorites

I thought for today I’d share with you guys what I’ve been obsessed with, mildly obsessed with. These things really only become an obsession because you don’t want to go to the grocery store until you’re out of all of your food, said some young adult (me!)

1. Sweet Matcha Latte. I love matcha powder so much. My favorite coffee shop back home, in Indiana is called Greyhouse. They have a drink called this and there is no place in Jacksonville that makes it. I work at a coffee shop now and I was telling the owner all about my favorite drink. Come to find out she ordered samples for us all to try out, mostly just me to try out. If you come into Sipper’s expecting to order don’t, it’s still a secret. I’m hoping we will be carrying it so I can share the love of Matcha all around.

2. Sweet Onion Kettle Chips. These chips are so darn good but can be expensive. I was walking around Native Sun and saw a whole end cap covered in them because they were on sale! I’m shamelessly admitting I can eat a whole bag within one sitting. I have been trying to be a better muncher and I am doing a pretty good job. The bag of chips is still sitting in our pantry. I eat them every other day and savor their taste.

3. Asparagus. I grew up with a large garden in my backyard and ever since I moved to Jacksonville I respect my fresh free vegetables so much more. I didn’t know I was taking advantage of them until I had to pay $5 for a bundle of them. My parents had some growing in our backyard, and they often will grow wild. You just have to have a good eye for detail because they will blend in with the rest of the grass. Of course this is not in Florida. The tips will hold a lot of sand so make sure you’re washing your veggies, unless you like exfoliating your pearly whites. I feel like a lot of people I talk to are scared of these guys but yum yum to me. I’ve been making them for breakfast all week with eggs.

4. Nutella. Actually all of my room mates are obsessed with this this week. We all have our own jar we’ve been eating out of. Something about hazelnut goodness. I’ve been eating with bananas for a snack in the afternoon.

What have you been eating this week!? Are we sharing the same obsessions?

(My pictures came from just searching through Google images. I forgot to get the URLs for them)



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