Today I Miss

Today I am missing my mom. It has been over a year now since I’ve seen her. Traveling and being a young adult don’t really fit well into finances, especially since I took a step into a different job at the beginning of the year. I have been away from home for three years now and I am becoming quite home sick. I know it’s mostly because it’s just been awhile. I get to go home in October and Jared gets to come with me! I am most excited (as well as stressed) for this trip.

The surreal thing about going home this time is my parents moved. They live in a different smaller town. They moved out of the house I grew up in, the house my dad built, designed it for me to live in. I remember him putting me in certain areas of the house to measure how tall I was at six so he could attach hooks, which would stay there until I was 18. The markings on our pantry door from where they could put a line of how tall I was.  It’s just going to be a weird feeling I think because I’m not going to my home.

Why do I miss my mom? Because she is who made me, me. When you get to be older and don’t live with your parents you get to look back at your young life and see what monumental things occurred to make you who you are. Some of mine were my mother. Now, at 23 I can see how wonderful she actually was.  She gave a lot to me because she felt a necessary need to be a stay at home mom. Obviously I respect her choice to do that so much more now. I know not every mother has that opportunity but I just know I at some point want to be a stay at home mother because of how it has affected me. My mom also always wanted to be a mom, so when her children were born she knew they were gifts to her so she didn’t take advantage of what God allowed her to have. She is silly and invested in me. She had me at 42 so I know the way I was raised was a little different from how other people were raised. Having an older mother is something I would never wish for differently. She gave me a life I don’t think other people got to have. For example, I didn’t want to go to one of my high school formal dances so she took my best friend and I out to dinner and bought all of the desserts on the menu. She puts me before herself and I will continue to say I can’t wait to say, “Oh my gosh, I sound just like my mom!” and not be ashamed of it. I want to be the wife, the person, the mom my mom was to me.

My mother, Valerie Jean Todd! Wonderful as ever!

What’s the one thing you appreciate about your mom?



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