Cooking with Coconut Oil

The other day  I ran out of olive oil in the midst of my cooking. There wasn’t an opportunity for me to run to the store so I quickly remembered, I had coconut oil. Why did I have this? Awhile back I thought it’d be cool to have Pinterest nights. My Pinterest nights lasted a very short while and consisted of three people. During one of those nights we had made our own toothpaste. I liked it, everyone else, not so much. In the toothpaste was coconut oil but I had just kept it in the closet because it never phased me to use it in cooking. I used it as normal oil and poured it into the pan. To my dismay it was actually pretty nice. My food tasted very yummy and I’ve been using it the past couple of days with different things to see how it holds up to the test, outside of the, just by chance use.

So I started to wonder what other people on the world wide web thought about it. What were the health benefits? Why don’t I see it as a popular as I think it should be? I don’t do well with long lengthy research articles so I will sum up what I found along with my opinions.

Coconut oil used to have this bad rap, remember when eggs were told that they were horrible for us? Then everyone was like, “No! Eggs are a great source of protein as well as they can lower your cholesterol.” It kind of scares me because everyone says something is horrible, then they say no our new research says it’s good. It makes me just want to eat grass.

So basically the story goes… Coconut oil is very high in saturated fat, in all the oils it’s the second one from the top. So this is around the same time they created trans fat. Trans fat since 2006 has been told to us, it’s actually horrible. I won’t go into great detail but keep an eye to the details of what you’re eating. Trans Fat has accelerated diseases in our bodies. Saturated fat is one of those, “good bad fats.” It adds to the good cholesterol in our body.

If you care then you’ll be reading this and you’ll be paying attention to what you’re putting into your body. If you eat at McDonald’s, this post isn’t for you.

I will be using coconut oil in place of vegetable oil and slowly substitute it for butter. I want to see how my body feels after a few weeks of using it.

Do you cook with coconut oil? How do you like it?


  1. CS said:

    Yes, I use it and love it. I also use is as eye make-up remover on a q-tip and as body lotion/oil since it contains no fake ingredients or colors. It’s really tasty used in recipes and in place of olive oil for sauteeing.

  2. Becky said:

    That’s so weird! Who ever would have thought…hmmm. If you substitute for butter, you should make cookies or something and see how they turn out. Or brownies. Brownies are good. But coconut brownies? Hmmm…..

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