Gluten Free English Toffee Coconut Pecan Banana Bread

I just really felt like making the world’s longest named bread ever. After it was in the oven I thought, what do I call this bread? So I bought bananas maybe a week and a half ago to eat my Nutella with. Well, what happens when you buy bananas? You secretly want them to be bread so you “forget” you have them until they are a little brown. “Wha? Oh no! My bananas! I guess I’ll just have to make bread with them.” (So much healthier, right?) My roomfriends and I have a white board on our fridge that we’ve all been writing down our weekly goals. Mine were to make this bread and hang up all of my clothes. I did both within the same day : ) One of my room mates is trying to be gluten free so that’s why this bread came to be gluten free. Ok too much talking…

What you will need

2 cups rice flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup of softened butter
3/4 cup brown sugar (I ran out so I made my own)
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 eggs, beaten
3 over-ripen bananas
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon toffee bits
2 tablespoons of crushed pecans
Enough shredded coconut to cover top of bread

Preheat your oven to 375

(Disregard the powder sugar in the picture, I don’t know why I put it in there. Pretend it’s a bag of toffee because that’s not pictured)So making your own brown sugar is pretty easy. All it is is sugar and molasses. Really, that’s it. The beauty of it is you can go by your own preference, if you like dark brown sugar, add more molasses. I like like brown sugar so my measurments were, 1 tablespoon to every cup of sugar. After that just take a fork and mix it around a little bit. It’ll be clumpy for a little bit but you really can’t mess this up. Brown sugar. I’ll be doing this for awhile, did you see how much molasses we have. Gesh.Whisk together your brown sugar and softened butter until it comes out creamy

Any other recipe will tell you that the next steps should be done in separate bowls and then added to one. I hate dishes so much I do it all in the same bowl. If you’re revolting against dishes and only using one bowl, make sure you mash your bananas in before adding any of the flour or other ingredients. Once they are mashed in go at it and add everything except for the coconut.My bread pan is at someone else’s house and since the bread is just for me and my friends, I just used this small casserole dish. Since I’m on this coconut kick I just greased the pan with coconut oil. Sprinkle the shredded coconut on top. I didn’t do a ton because I didn’t know if I’d like the taste. (I do like it)Ta-Da! It is very yummy. I think most of the flavor actually came from the rice flour. I’d be interested to compare it to just regular flour. However, I am quite obsessed with all rice products so maybe I will forever make it this way.

Let me know if you make this and how it turns out. Is there a banana bread recipe that you constantly use? What is it?!



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