..And it Reminded Me of You

Sometimes I think it’s funny the little things that remind people of me. Like they are a repeat of things coming from different people. Some of them are a little ridiculous and if you don’t know who I am, I will explain why some of these things remind you of me or where they started from. I guess I may be a repetitive person or I talk about what I am passionate about to multiple people.

  1. Poop. This is probably the number one thing people correlate to me. It’s a little funny and also a little embarrassing. For all of you people who don’t know why you think of me when you are taking a dukey, I will explain the snowball effect of how it came to be. And after this explanation a lot of you will probably talk to me about your past dumps. I have accepted all number two stories as part of my life now, so bring them to me. When I was little I could never go to the bathroom anywhere besides my house, as most people do but won’t admit because it’s not lady like. When I graduated high school and no longer lived at home I quickly found out that I had to visit other people’s toilet seats. It was awful, if you have ever watched Scrubs, I am just like Elliot. So when I moved back to Indiana I felt like, if I talk about this it won’t be so bad and it’ll make me feel more comfortable. So I started to talk about it to a few girls and all of a sudden I had started a support group. And then there was Chloe. Chloe, is not your typical girl. I have searched the ends of the Earth trying to find her copy, you won’t. She is uniquely her. She made number twos ok. I won’t go into great detail of our poop relationship but often times I have to question how unhealthy it is to think of her when I am pooping. From this it has excellated into people buying and making me poop related things. I have a poo journal in the bathroom and a felted poop that someone made me. So the rest of you mostly relate poop to me because of those things, but just so you all know how it got started. (Because you all really wanted to know)
  2. Chai. I grew up going out to hole in the wall places. So coffee shops were often included in my mom and I’s going out time. I didn’t really like coffee until this past year so I got really into Chai Tea Lattes. I have always wanted to know how you make and where your chai comes from. (If you give me another Tazo Tea Chai I might start cursing) When I go on road trips I always stop at random coffee shops just so I can taste their chai.
  3. The Midwest. I am from Rensselaer, Indiana. I currently live in Jacksonville, Florida. These places are two totally different places. I don’t think people realize I couldn’t just walk next door to a neighbor. I grew up on 5 acres, half an acre pond, horses, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, and crop fields on either side of the house. Here’s the house I grew up in, zoom in so you can see my ‘Y’ shaped house. Oh and if you go North on the map the “house” on your right is not where someone lives, it’s where the farmers store their tractors.)
  4. Facial Hair. I have this obsession with facial hair and it started in high school. First it just started out with me liking them on guys. Then I started to struggle because I couldn’t get one. I really wanted one on me, I was fairly a confused not typical teen. I loved them so much and decided that I guess it’d be ok if I allowed my future husband be the one who has the beard. Luckily my boyfriend can grow a very manly beard within like an hour. I’ll probably marry him for no other reason then he has a beard. ; )
  5. Word Games. This is mostly my moms fault. I was her 3rd kid so by the time it was board game time she was over playing Monopoly and Candy Land. She wanted to play Clue and Scrabble. So one way to bond with my mom and her side of the family is to play board games. I am glad that it is this way and not any other way. As result of this I still will play word games with people to bond and because I just really love words. I have moved passed just normal Scrabble. I am onto Quick Scrabble and Bananagrams. If you find me in Bold Bean you’ll often find me playing Bananagrams.
  6. Pugs. I have never owned a pug and I probably never will but they are the cutest things. So ugly, so cute. This obsession started on a old mans couch in Muncie, Indiana. He was watching Animal Planet and a whole 30 minute episode came on about Pugs. I started going into pet shops holding pugs. Any time I see someone walking a pug, I stop and get enough courage and ask them if I can pet their pug. I have found I am not the only one who does this because usually the pug owners say other people do the same thing to them. If you own a pug expect to be stopped at 5 in the morning in your pajamas so I can rub your dog all over my face. And I am sorry that I know Pepper’s name and not yours. These details should be known when you got her. This mild obsession has also resulted in people buying me pug related items. I don’t know what it is, I want a pug guys not a coffee cup, earrings, magnets, cards, picture frames, purses with pugs on them. (All said things have been purchased for me) My mom thinks if she buys me a coffee cup with a pug on it, it will satisfy me so I won’t get one. How does that work?
  7. Noodles and Soup. I freaking love noodles..and soup. Give me noodles and a nice little sauce and we’ll be pretty good friends. Give me a cream based soup with a nice assortment of spices and I’ll include your name in the next time I play MASH. I recently found out that my mom craved noodles when she was pregnant with me, so I guess this obsession started whilst I was a fetus. Weird, huh?
  8. Burlap. I work at a coffee shop and I liked burlap. People tell me and text me that they saw this thing made out of burlap all the time.
  9. Awkward Hugs. Physical affection is weird to me. Especially hugs. It all happens so quickly and I don’t know what kind of hug we’re doing. Your arms over or my arms under? Kind of to the side or which way here? Side hug or are you going to pull me into your chest? How long is this embrace, what if I hold on for too long? I’ve been told I over think this but let me tell you I have shaken too many old ladies because I can’t hug right. Do you know how awkward it is for me to shake your Nana? She was sitting down I was standing up, what was I suppose to do? I outwardly tell people I am going to be awkward about it and I’d rather shake your hand. I do, however, take mom hugs. If you are a mom and I am crying feel free to hug me to comfort me.
  10. I am going to leave number 10 blank. I know there are more things you guys relate to me. What are they? Maybe it’s just between the two of us? I’d like to know what others come up with when they think of me. It’s kind of fun to be told these things and also a little embarrassing. Especially now as I get older. I hope I’m not 35 and you guys are like I remember you, the poop girl. Where did these relations of objects or actions to me start at?



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