Singleton’s Seafood Shack

This past weekend I went to the Ferry Fest they were having down at Mayport. They were raising money to keep the ferry running! It was a nice little festival with a lot of people. I went a little later on in the day, so a lot of the food was gone.Since a lot of the food was gone my friend Jessie and I walked acrossed the street to Singleton’s Seafood Shack.I’ve been here before but since it is such a drive, I don’t get to go as much as I would like to. Jessie had never been before and it’s always fun to go some place you know is yummy with someone for their first time. This past time was super busy because of the festival so my experience wasn’t as delightful as previous times. To be nice I will only speak of my good experiences 🙂 Singleton’s has been around since the 60’s and since then it’s been on Diner’s Drive in and Dive’s. Jimmy Fallon has been there! It’s defianently a mom and pop place. I read a lot of reviews on this place and I found an even amount of bad and good ones. What I don’t think people understand is that this place is called a shack, not to be fancy. Do not go in with expectations of gourmet food and wonderful service. It’s the locals serving the locals. Everything is served on Styrofoam but portions are heaping. Seafood is fresh and out on display. The very first time I went our waitress came out to let us know there were dolphins feeding and we should look out! One of my first impressions and such a nice one. It’s close to the ferry so the scenery is very nice. I love clam chowder so I had to try theirs. It is very yummy but I have to admit there is a place in St. Augustine that has the best. Jessie and I got the two combination meal. It comes with two main course items as well as hush puppies and two sides. I picked blackened scallops and cole slaw. Jessie chose Cajun shrimp and french fries. It was super yummy and very hard to finish. Price was a little high but I’m willing to pay for it for the good portions and fresh fish.

If you are looking for a fancy date night this is not the place. However if you are looking for a quirky fun outing then this is the place. Although, I prefer my date nights to be quirky so if you are like me, go here for your date. After dinner walk out of their dock or take the ferry for a ride. That’s just fun to do sometimes.

Have you guys been here before? What’d you get? Let me know!



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