Favorite Things // 3

This is my 3rd update about my weekly favorite items. I suppose this will just be a weekly Thursday trend.

1. Coconut Oil. If you’ve been reading you know that I have been on this coconut kick. To recap, I ran out of oil and had some of this stuff hanging around in a cabinet. I used it and really liked it. I am going to continue to use it to see how much I like it. Read past entries to see what I have made with it, as well as my “informative” entry about it. So far I have really enjoyed it, it adds just a bit of sweetness to whatever you’re cooking but I don’t mind that at all. It’s also a multipurpose tool in life.

2. Ben and Jerry’s Creme Brulee Ice Cream. This was on sale at Publix this week. Most of my weekly favorites will probably be because it was a sale item. I am embarrassed by this one because I can eat more then I should. It’s already in a small container, I lose track of how much I’ve put into my mouth. This one is super tasty with the bits of crunch they have added to it. The funny thing is, when I go shopping my room friends go shopping. We all really enjoy the same things so there are 6 small containers of Ben and Jerry’s in our freezer as well as 6 bottles of Simply Cranberry Juice in our fridge. We like to share but sometimes sales are just so good we all have to get our own.

3. Rice Flour. I wouldn’t be obsessed with this unless one of my room friends was trying to be gluten free. I know it’s becoming to be a popular thing and like I said I like sharing, especially my food. So to be able to share with her I’ve been baking and cooking with rice flour. I actually love rice products. I can drink more then half a container of Rice Dream because it’s so darn yummy. So I might start baking with this continuously because I like the flavor it adds to it.

4. Early Risers Artisan Bread. This one I am so excited to talk about. I know it won’t be my last post about them. They are local to Jacksonville and still fairly new to the bread makin’ scene. Although, the quality of their bread taste otherwise. It is by far some of the best bread I have ever tasted. What gets me going back to a place or keeps me buying their product is their passion for what they do. That’s why I love mom and pop places so much. Food taste so much better when it’s not commercialized made by people just there to make money. It just like when I was growing up, if I wanted a grilled turkey sandwich I just couldn’t make it on my own. I knew how and I knew what I liked but my mom had to make it. It just tasted much better because my mom, who loved and cared for me, made it for me. If you are residing in the northeast side of Florida I really urge you to go to a Farmer’s Market or even place in your own order for bread/bagels from these guys. It is so wonderful and I know made with a passion and love for bread and what they’re doing. Their story of how they got started is also one that will make you want to keep going back to support them, you can read it here and you should also like them on Facebook. Secrets that I’ll share with you guys are.. They are in the process of getting gluten free bread. Also, if you come into Sippers within the next couple of weeks you may even be able to buy their bagels there. : )

What are your favorite things this week?



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