Jacksonville Food Trucks

I’ve been planning this post for awhile in my mind. FOOD TRUCKS! If you’re Facebook friends with me or you’re just plain ole real life friends with me you know my newest obsession is food trucks. I think there was a special on the news about one of these trucks and it sounded interesting, so Carla and I went out on an adventure. We found our first truck and were rather impressed. It became this fun adventure trying to find all of the food trucks in Jacksonville. I thought I would wait until I had been to all of them to make this post but I’ve recently heard that more trucks are up and coming. I just don’t know if I can keep putting my excitement off.

If you don’t know what a food truck is, in the simplest terms it is mobile food. In the past food trucks have been down graded in our minds to hot dogs and Lays chips. Well, not anymore! Food trucks now are innovative and gourmet. Like I’ve said in previous posts not only are these people in this business to make money, they’re in it first because it’s part of their passion. They enjoy what they do and who they are serving. Food trucks are starting to get noticed more and more and I am so excited for them.

Advantages of a food truck:

You can change your location and menu every day. You get to target a different group of people each day. A lot of food trucks now make all of their own food on the truck and use only fresh ingredients so the menu is constantly having new specials.

Disadvantages of a food truck: 

I don’t really think there are any disadvantages of a food truck for the customer. However, there are disadvantages for the food truck owners. There’s a lot of rules that go into where you place your truck, parking, and how close you are to another restaurant. Sometimes it can be quite the hassle. With more and more of the popularity of food trucks I’m hoping the complications of where to set up will start to diminish.

Where I’ve been so far : )

Super Food

Turkey, goat cheese, and arugula sandwich with sweet potato tots and a pork quesdilla. I liked the quesdilla better then mine but both were very good. I think I’d go to Super Food just because of their sweet truck design.

On the Fly Sandwiches and Stuff

That’s actually a pretty creepy picture of me but at the same time so funny. On the Fly has probably been my favorite in price thus far ha. Two Tacos for $6 one pork taco and one chicken taco on a corn tortilla. It was messy and I love it.

3 Moms Ice Cream

I thought their truck won cutest. Is that ok to say? They also have really good print material, whoever is working their marketing and graphics knows what they’re doing. What’s really fun about this place is they have a ton of ice cream to chose from. It’s not your typical ice cream either a lot of it is organic and dairy free. I got a Blueberry Vanilla Greek Yogurt Ice Cream. It was very creamy and very delicious. I’ve decided that this is the necessary face to make when eating ice cream. (Also, did you see my fanny pack? Come on now?)

Gourmet Aviators

This was my first time having Puetro Rican Food. I was insanely impressed by it. It was my first time ever having plantains like this. These were their Pork Sliders and I don’t normally eat pork but I’d order this again in a heart beat. Gourmet Aviators is in my top three of favorites. Of course Carla, the Puetro Rican that she is, loves this place.

The Salty Fig

I enjoy arugula so much! This is called The Melt. It’s normally a vegetarian sandwich but I like eating chicken a lot so I added their pulled chicken. This really does melt in your mouth. The Salty Fig is also one of my top three. I might even say top two : ) I am excited for these guys because they are actually opening up their own restaurant so not only will I be able to go on scavenger hunts for them but I can just go to their planted in place. Oh and their homemade strawberry lemonade is also a really good accompaniment to any of your meals.

Corner Taco

I have been to Corner Taco the most. It’s safe to say they are in the top two as well. For some reason I just love these guys, maybe it’s their personality or maybe it’s that their truck is from Indiana. It’s probably because of their fresh food and that they make everything right there on the truck that day. Not prepared some place else and not purchased some place else. I’m actually surprised I don’t have a picture of their truck on here. All of their tortillas are made by them. The pricing for a chicken taco is very inexpensive and makes you want a lot more!

Corner Taco was featured on PBS not too long ago and I’d have to say it’s what made me fall a little bit more in love with them. Watch it here!


I know that there are a couple of trucks I have yet to go to and I can’t wait to cross them off my list. I hope this gets you guys a little bit excited to go to your first food truck! I wish for them to get bigger then what they already are and I wish for you to share the same enjoyment! I think the biggest thing I love about all of them is they help each other out. It’s a community, not a competition between them. If you’re in the Jacksonville area and want to know where they are located just like Jax Truckies on Facebook. They post every morning the different food trucks and where they will be located.

Are you excited to go for your first time? Maybe you’ve already been, which one is your favorite and what did you get?!?


  1. Chris Dickerson said:

    Hey Amanda–I want to let you know how much I appreciate the spirit of your post.

  2. Jaimuziq said:

    I’ve been somewhat stalking the food trucks myself and still haven’t eaten from all of them but I plan to lol. Thank for sharing your experiences. 🙂

    • wha! You need to go to one! Make sure you like Jax Truckies so you can get to one within the next week! Tell me which one ends up being your first food truck!

  3. I really need to go to one of these. Unfortunately, the times always work out horribly. Why can’t Corner Taco just park outside my house?

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