Like Like Stories // 2

I suspected from my first Like Like Story, I’d get a good response. I was right, ha!

Since being in a relationship with Jared, I very rarely speak of anything other then seriousness between us. Only a handful of people get to know how sweet he actually is. Girls ask me all the time questions, at first I thought were weird. “Where did he take you?” “Did he buy you this?” “He wrote you a letter?” At first I thought they were too personal of questions and it was weird they’d want to know. I later found out, that’s what girls talk about. I was the abnormal one in conversations. I don’t understand why you girls what to know so badly but here are the things you want to know.

I was told I’d never find a good guy growing up, I believed those voices. My ultimate goal from these posts is not to make you jealous or boast about my gentlefriend. My goal is for you to see that there are great guys out there. You deserve to be treated well. You are worth more then what you think you are. You are valuable and you should be taken care of like so. I just so happen to have a perfect example for you..
I never really wanted a boyfriend, Jared was an unexpected gift. Even though I didn’t want him at this moment in my life, I’d still pray for him without knowing who he was. There were a couple of things I prayed for that I thought were most important. I prayed that whoever God wanted me to be with, he’d have a lovely mother. Since mine lives in a not so near state and I am very close to my mom I wanted to be able to have his mom as mine in the future.

Jared’s mom has been in and out of the hospitals for the past four months now. She’s had 4 brain surgeries and numerous amounts of medications to take. She’s been confused and her perception of time has been quite off. (She’s home now and finishing up her medications and better days are yet to come for her!)

What I love about Jared and this story is, every time he went to visit his mom in the hospital and still today. Jared would tell her good bye and whisper in her ear that she was the most beautiful and he would not choose anyone else to be his mommy. Every girl at some point, no matter their age, needs to be reminded they’re beautiful no matter the circumstance or what they look like, even after four brain surgeries.


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