Around the House // 1

I have very few things that are of materialistic value that I own myself. Since I moved here three years ago, not expecting to stay very long and not knowing where exactly I’d be living month to month, I gained this mentality of, “If everything I own doesn’t all fit into my car I have to much stuff.” I signed a lease a couple months ago so for at least 13 months I can safely own things. The few things I own kind of have memories attached to them. My “Around the House” posts will show you the little things I own that you wouldn’t notice unless you were to come over and pay attention to detail.

This butter dish actually started the idea of these posts. I was looking at another blog and she had an obsession with deer. Two of my room friends have a slight obsession with owls, and I wanted to have an obsession with an animal too. I’ve always liked squirrels and I had been asking for a butter dish. I literally was sitting on the couch saying I wanted to start buying squirrel printed items. One of my room friends went to Target and came back with this squirrel butter dish, literally, the same day! Ha! So this item is the start of my squirrel buying. And since I love to cook and bake, I having been using this butter dish a lot. (Isn’t this so cute! This guy found this squirrel injured, picked it up and the squirrel became his pet! HOW CUTE IS THAT?!)

Do you have any squirrel printed items in your house?



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