Favorite Things // 5

As most of you know my favorite things usually consists of what was on sale this week at Publix, Native Sun, or Whole Foods. But I don’t buy unless I know it’s delicious. Sometimes my truly favorite things do go on sale!

1. Arugula. A lot of people don’t like this leafy guy, but I love it. I think it taste like dirt a lot of times but I  guess I like dirt flavor. I do however, suggest not to eat it as a salad, ha! I loved eating it on sandwiches but since they were on sale this week I was like, I have so much I’ll make a salad. I mean, maybe you like it but I just didn’t like it all to be an arugula salad.

2. Pho. If you’re an avid reader of my blog you know that soup and noodles are my favorite things to eat. Pho is like noodles and soup COMBINED. The broth is so flavorful and the process is quite fun to know. I’m going to let you look up why Pho is special on your own. There’s a Pho place close to where I live and I can get a small bowl for like $7, it’s amazing.

3. New England’s Blueberry Cobbler Coffee. I work at a coffee shop but I actually can’t drink coffee. It’s not that I can’t, I just don’t like straight coffee. It has to be filled with lots of cream and if it’s flavored even better. I just so happen to love blueberry coffee and I especially love it when it’s buy one get one free. yum yum.

4. Red Raspberries. These were also on sale, 2 fro $4. I ate both within two days. Not smart. ha! I wish I had more. I should have spaced them out when eating them.

What have been your favorite things this week?


  1. sarenaw said:

    oh, yum, blueberry cobbler coffee. i like leaving comments that just express that i agree with what you love. ha.

  2. haha that’s good though because it makes me feel special when people comment on my blog ha

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