Bite Club // Bold Bean and Bakery Moderne Jacksonville

This was my first Bite Club experience and I had been waiting to have one! I was super excited to be a part of this. Especially since my first Bite Club was at one of my favorite places, Bold Bean. Before I go into making you jealous, I’ll let you know what Bite Club is first. About once a month a local restaurant in the area partners with Bite Club to host a private tasting event. You can sing up to became a member here.  One of the perks about being a part of the Bite Club is, each event is free tasting however, a nice tip is appreciated. And let me tell you, with the amount of food they give, you won’t even have a problem tipping. (Which you should never have a problem tipping generosity begets generosity.)

A lot happened over the course of the night so I will just get right on to the pictures.Since this was my first Bite Club experience, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I’d get some food and I knew I’d be offered a free drink. So when this was the first plate I made, I thought this was it. I thought this was a lot of food and was impressed with it all. My favorites in this picture are; the Bread Line Pie from Bold Bean and the baby Butternut Squash soup from Bakery Moderne. Then I looked at our overview for the night. Look at how much food, holy cow! Oh and if you can’t read it Bold Bean and Bakery Moderne gave an overview of their business as well as a few quirky little things I would have never known before. Like, Bold Bean’s location use to be a grocery store. How cute is that? Also, did you know they have a garden in the back? I didn’t! I peaked in at it and came to the conclusion, they should let me look at it without a fence in between us, ha! Bold Bean also did demonstrations of the chemex (a way to brew coffee) and latte art. One of the great things about this piece of paper is, on the back of it there is a buy one get one free drink later on when I come back. Which I would, they didn’t have to give me a coupon : )I forget what this was now but like I said before, I thought we were only getting one drink. This was my first of many samples they gave out. Very generous. The funny thing is, I don’t care for beer that much so Jared got to drink mine and his.My super cute +1 This is about the time I realized I was just going to be tasting the tastings.First CoursePotato Leek Tart and Beef Wellington. The Beef Wellington was probably my favorite of the whole night. By dessert time Jared and I had kind of lounged further back in our chairs and struggled to eat this. We then became very classy and wrapped our desserts up in our napkins and enjoyed them at home. My favorite was the Russian Tea Cake. So delicious!

Everything was so wonderful! One of the things I loved the most, aside from the food was to be able to sit down next to other people you wouldn’t normally sit down with and have dinner with them. I always think it’s lovely to listen to someone else’s story. Thank you so much Bold Bean, Bakery Moderne, and Folio Weekly!

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Also, pick up the new Folio Weekly this week and turn to page 43! Jared and I are now officially locally famous and looking for personal assistants. ; )

If you have any questions about Bite Club, let me know and I can answer them to the best of my ability!


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