Monon Coffee Company Broad Ripple, Indiana

When I worked in Broad Ripple, for a very short time before leaving to live in Florida, I’d visit Monon Coffee Company. I wish I went there long enough to be considered a regular in my book but sadly my stay in Indy was short. So I was super excited to share with Jared the area of Indy that I worked in and the coffee shop I called mine for the time being. Monon Coffee Company is named after the Monon railroad that use to be close by. Now the rail road is paved over for a nice jogging or bike trail.There’s so many cute shops around this coffee shop. So if you don’t feel like relaxing on their couch you can get your drink to go and walk around.As you can see they have a pretty big selection of drinks and food. All of their pastries are made fresh and from a local bakery. The baristas were super nice and very informative.They have a large selection of syrups, local hand made pottery, a community board, and a cool area for a leave a book take a book section. All of their drip coffee is based off of the honor system. You can see them picture to the left. It’s $2 for drip coffee and you just put your money in a bucket. (love it!)This is the Buttery Zombie! It was so good! What exactly is it? Their espresso beans are called the zombie beans because they are still white, they’re only roasted a little bit. I don’t know if you guys know this but bold coffee has less caffiene in it because it’s roasted longer. If you’re truly looking for a pick me up get a light roast. So the bean is white so it has extra caffiene in it, which will wake you up to the point you’re like a zombie! Buttery because the flavor was butter pecan. It was so delicious and I loved the idea of it.

Monon Coffee Company has been voted the best coffee in Indianapolis. Want to know more? Find it here.

If you’ve been here I’d love to know what you got!




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