Greyhouse Coffee // West Lafayette, Indiana

I am stoked to write this post BECAUSE Greyhouse is my all time favorite coffee shop. Greyhouse was the place where my love for coffee shops started. Over time they have only stayed consistent with their products and love for their customers. I often get upset that I can’t go there every day. I’ve been going to Greyhouse since my senior year of high school. I have only good things to say about my relationship with Greyhouse.

I have many memories of studying for math, meeting up with friends, being sucked into Facebook, meeting a pen pal, starting my love for Couchsurfing here, eating more gelato then I should, bringing my mom in to eat only the crepes, Scrabble, giggles, nick naming baristas who remember my order “Creepy Guy,” (and getting more then just me to call him that) Facebook chatting John Davey when he’s sitting with his back to me, and finding out about Toms shoes for the very first time five years ago.

(I’ve been in the basement of this place but shhh don’t tell anyone)

The funniest thing about all of these pictures is.. I forgot to post my favorite drink! I always get it, I haven’t found another place that serves it. It’s called, Sweet Matcha Latte. Delicious! GET IT!

Since this is my favorite coffee shop be warned about the extra pictures.Greyhouse is located on Chauncy Hill and is highly populated with Purdue students and staff. mmm Gelato. They always have so many different flavors of gelato and the flavors are not of the norm. Oh and they are always willing to give you a sample! My favorites of the past have been, chai (of course) pumpkin pie, and a blueberry shortbread cookie one.I love the old library card set up. In the past, one of these drawers use to have army men in them. It was perfection. Oh, I also love that there are sugar cubes. I don’t know why that makes me so happy but it does.Sorry this picture is a little blurry but wanted to show you their auto drip coffees.This is called, “The Village Post.” It often is filled with conversations to other Greyhouse lovers, random quotes, or love letters to Greyhouse.The inside of the piano under their pick up bar for their food items. One of the many things Greyhouse is known for is their yummy crepes.That wall over there changes out local art often.Because it’s always so busy in there. (This picture is actually from two years ago.)This is a room you can reserve for study groups, classes, meetings, etc.This is such a clever idea! You can decorate the cup and leave your friend a message! As the pour over is becoming a popular new way to brew, Greyhouse is staying with the coffee train. They sell these pour overs, as well as the scales they’re sitting on.Menu boards chalk, clean, and easy to read, just the way I would ask them to have it.If you go to a coffee shop with me and we plan on being there for awhile, I will sucker you into playing banana grams. (Loaves not loafs, come on Amanda)Jared got Dr. Strangelove. Their large loose tea selection. These are here for the smell test, just to see which one you’d like to enjoy.Ah.. Bliss.


  1. Just came across your blog and I love it. This place looks perfect. I wish there was a place around here that I knew of like that. That gelato looks SO GOOD! And they have crepes?!!!! YUM.

  2. Ali do you live super far away from Indiana? Thanks for stumbling upon my blog and taking the time to read it!

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