Maple Street Biscuit Company // Jacksonville

I have been wanting to try this place ever since I saw them being posted up on social media. They are really new, as in just opened this month. Maple Street Biscuit Company is in San Marco Square and is a fine addition. Their hours are perfect and their prices are reasonable for what you’re receiving.

Your answer is what they call out when your food is finished. Ah clean chalk boards, my favorite.Self-serve coffee and tea. You’re welcome.All local honey, coffee, and syrup. I love the display.I haven’t heard of RedLeaf before, so the next time I go in there I’ll be asking.They were having some down time but I know from looking at their Facebook, they’ve been busy.To the important part of this post. This sandwich is called, “The Loaded Goat” I have heard this being one of their bigger sellers and I do love goat cheese. So fried chicken breast and fried goat cheese, all on their home made biscuits. Jared and I decided that we would split a side. As soon as we walked in I heard one of the owners say that mac-n-cheese just came out. Uh, sold. Jared’s sandwich. haha I don’t even know how he ate it. The other owner suggested this to Jared. It’s called, “The Garden Bird” Fried chicken, over easy egg, collard greens, and a kick of hot sauce.

Both are sandwiches were $6 and the mac-n-cheese was $4 That’s pretty decently priced. I hope that in the future they’ll have an upgrade option of adding a side.

They were extremely tasty and filling. I can’t wait to go back and try a couple of different ones. Welcome to the neighborhood, I know you’ll do wonderful here guys! Get more information here.


  1. MG said:

    I have been there a couple of times already myself. Loved THE FIVE which had chicken, cheese, bacon, and sausage crazy! The mac and cheese and sweet potato fries are wonderful! I heard some ladies saying how much they loved the sandwich with the collard greens. I think that may be my next pick.

    • I think I want “The Sqwuak” With their hot pepper jelly on it…. Well if you get The Garden Bird let me know how you like it.. Oh and I must try these sweet potato fries.

  2. starpulp said:

    I went there last weekend and had The Ralphie which is the equivalent of biscuits & gravy. I was really impressed! I was hesitant about the “kick” part, but it blended well and gave it a little unique-ness. I definitely see a few more visits to there in my future. Yum!

    • Every time I look at my blog post I keep thinking how I should go back just to make sure I got everything, ha! My boyfriend, Jared was saying how he NEEDED to try the biscuits and gravy. Oh and I love things with a “kick!” So I think I need a side of just gravy. mmmmmmmmmmmm

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