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Have you ever wondered the songs you were listening to what the artist looked like? I always envision what the people look like. I wanted to create a post of some uniquely beautiful women I often listen to. I’m always so pleased by their interesting looks. They’re defiantly not your typical blonde haired blue eyed girl that we often strive to look like. They hold this beauty that I’m in awe of. I hope that girls will see them and strive to look the way they were created to look and embrace it.

Kate+NashKate Nash was one of the first girls I started listening to. (Aside from your 90s girl pop groups) Kate Nash is from London and her song Foundations got me through my high school break ups. : ) Now I blare her music when I clean the house alone. Whenever I hear her songs I feel the need to start cleaning, it’s strange.regina-spektorRegina Spektor. She is the other girl who first started me to listen to solo girl artists. I first heard Regina in an apartment building in West Lafayette, Indiana. I had never heard anything like her. I remember the song was Hotel Song. The whole song is about being high on cocaine but I feel like you wouldn’t know it because her voice is so beautiful. You’d think she was singing a love song but it’s not the norm so it’s confusing, well it was for me. She wrote a song for Narnia and after she wrote that song he second album held more weight then singing about getting high and kissing strangers. She’s also Russian, she sings it so beautifully.ingrid michaelsonIngrid Michaelson. I can’t remember when I first started listening to. She reminds me of coffee shops. When I first started sitting in coffee shops she was sure to be heard on their playlists. She’s from New York but half Swedish. Her song, “You and I” is so much fun to sing in cars with your high school guy friends. They say they don’t want to sing the guy part but they sing it with so much passion, you have to question them.131512_1A_034Sia. I heard about her from some guy I worked with at Panera Bread in 2008. She is the most interesting looking person to me. She is from Australia and her song Buttons is what made me fall in love with her. It was the colorful album and actually, it was her video. Please watch it here.sarahtillmanSarah Tillman. She is from Canada but her and her husband make beautiful sounds in North Carolina. If you are in the area go and find them. I’d love for them to start to tour around so I can officially meet them. They together are the sweetest. Her voice is divine and you can tell she is a genuine human being. Find their music listed as, ‘Mark and Sarah Tillman.’julia stoneJulia Stone. Her and her brother, Angus make the best music together. I forget how I found them, I think I was listening to Pandora and they came on. I’m pretty sure her and her brother are making solo albums now. I can’t even describe her voice to you. This may sound weird but it just sounds like  a song you’d hear in your dreams. Their song Silver Coin is best heard with your eyes closed.serynThis is Seryn. I first heard them in Atlanta and fell in love with their quaint way to harmonize. The girl, Chelsea is drop dead gorgeous to me. I have a thing for red hair and dreds. So of course her look interests me. If you like folk and well put together music listen to these guys.ofmonsterandmenThis girl is from Iceland and is in a band called, ‘Of Monster and Men’ Since they are from Iceland I don’t want to try and guess what her name is. All I can say is they’re band and her voice are addicting. I think I heard them when I was shopping in Urban. I remembered a few lyrics to the song and went home and typed it in. From what I have seen they are becoming pretty popular in the states. tUnE-yArDsMerril from tUnE-yArDs does not fit your form of what Cosmo says a girl is. I love her look and can’t get enough of her song, ‘Bizness.’ Especially the video it’s so well choreographer  Watch it here. You won’t regret watching this very cool video. Her music is unlike any other, usually when I play it in my car I get people who say, “What is this?”kyekyebandimageThis is Kye Kye. They are not your typical Christian radio station music. If you want good Christian music listen to these guys. The girl, Olga has the best hair doesn’t she? Their music is all praises to God and crafted so well. I got to see them live it was wonderful. Just as good live as it is through my iPod.

Like I said I love their unique to them look. They don’t try to alter how they’ve been designed they embrace it. They are the girls I’d like my future daughters to look up to to look like. They’re all so different. If you haven’t listened to any of the people listed above, take some time and get your ears out.



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  1. Love this post! I’m an artist in the Aimee Mann/Ingrid vibe. I’d love to send you something to check out for your blog…send me an email. 😉

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