The Salty Fig // Jacksonville, Florida

I was driving home thinking about what I was going to write for this post and how excited I was. I always feel like I’m excited to write about places I go or people I see. I didn’t want to be redundant in your reading but I am really excited to share this post with you guys! My sharing in excitement is always a different level of excitement for each place I go.

The Salty Fig has been one of my favorite food trucks for quite some time now. I anticipated their restaurant opening impatiently, ha!

The Salty Fig is operated by two brothers who are the nicest guys! They’ve been in preparation for this place since last year (probably even before that) They’ve been canning and infusing since last year, I know that part for sure! I mean they worked really hard on the food truck before the soft opening this past week. I wanted to be there on their opening night so I took a group of 8 with me! Everyone I went with ordered something different and before I went I made sure the people I was taking were ok with me eating off of their plates. : ) Everything I tried was awesome and fresh! Staple items from the table were the Shrimp and Grits (Grits are so creamy!) and the Tempura Brownies. Oh man.. I don’t even want to talk about them because I embarrassingly enjoyed them too much. They are the brownies you order to go and eat by yourself.

Ok I’ve already said too many words! PICTURE TIME!DSC_0249The Salty Fig is located at 901 King Street in Riverside. I’m liking all these additions to King Street. Place to be!DSC_0263DSC_0262DSC_0261Canned by the guys who own the place!DSC_0267I rather enjoy this wall.DSC_0258So I took pictures of everyone’s food their opening night but with an iphone and I wasn’t satisfied so I went back for lunch. (Such a hassle I know, had to eat another whole meal there.. what a shame) But it worked out perfectly because my favorite on the food truck was on their lunch menu. The Melt but I add their chicken because I like chicken and theirs is so tasty. Also, look at that salad. Just a plain old salad but somehow they make it the best. I think the secret is fresh produce. All of their items are either local or organic. DSC_0257What a beaut.

If you’ve read any of my previous food reviews you know how much I love knowledge of product. Our waiters and waitresses were all super nice and were able to tell my table things about the menu and more. Good job on properly training your employees and successfully passing off your vision and passions for the place.

I’ll be back!


  1. moburd said:

    oh my gosh! that looks so delicious!

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