3 is a Magic Number

For some reason today I was just thinking about School House Rock. Odd.. I know. You know there’s just certain things in your life that hold a memory to them when you see them, hear them, or smell them. Like when I get scents of California I immediately go back to my dad and I waking up early to save the snails from the side walks so when the sun would come up they wouldn’t dry out. This video and song remind me of my 7 year old self standing in my living room in the house my parents built in Indiana. I remember my hair was still blonde and I refused to ever wear clothes. I loved this song and video because I couldn’t grasp multiplication and I loved the number three. What I remember most about this video is how I compared my parents and I to the number three above any tricycle, table, or triangle. I have a horrible memory so when I get reminded of my life, it’s just special.

To remind you…


How could you not feel a little bit better about your day after watching that?




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