So.. I’m Engaged…

If you’ve read my posts or you already know me you know that I say these things constantly when people ask me questions. I never dreamed of growing up and being an adult. I don’t think I handle change very well. You know how people say, “All girls dream of their fairy tale wedding.” That’s not true. I am not all girls. And if I did not dream of a wedding than I am sure there are other girls out there like me.

With saying that, I never dreamed of telling you, I’m engaged. Actually, I didn’t plan on having a boyfriend until I was 27. (I’m 23 right now) I felt like there were dreams and aspirations God had placed on my heart and I just didn’t see sharing them with anyone. So you can see when Jared came into my life I was quite stand offish. (This will be a blog post in the future)

So since I’ve been writing a ton for Somewhere in the City Say Something Clever has lost a little bit of it’s identity. This may be stupid and it may be cheesy but I’m selfishly sharing how I came to be a ladyfriend (I hate the term girlfriend) and how planning a wedding goes for someone who has never really thought of being married. I say selfishly because I expect married folks to explain to me how this all works. photo (64)

I wrote this before I ever knew who Jared was. These weren’t meant for me to find until I was in my late 20s.

May 23, 2011: AMANDA DON’T EVER BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT GOD BEING IN THE CENTER OF IT. Repeat this as many times as you need to.

On the very next page I made a list I called stupid for so long. So sometime in May of 2011


(Scott Hornsby said something along the lines of I am a daughter to a father who has provision over my husband. Don’t just take what I can ask for but ask big. But I was once told it may be silly to make such requests of someone. But I’m here on these pages asking and asking big and you know what if one of these things isn’t obtainable, I understand, this is just a page tucked away in book on a shelf)

  • Like my music :Jared sings along with me : )
  • Play the harmonica, it doesn’t have to sound good :If it doesn’t have to sound good then he’s in
  • Grow a beard for me :Jared has a very manly beard
  • Hate Twilight and Country music :Check and Check
  • Bring a beautiful mother in law to me :She is ever so lovely
  • Love me more without make up :Jared hates make up on any girl
  • Read the Bible more than me :He loves the Lord and wants nothing more to know His word
  • Lead our home in a godly manner :We are yet to be married but with his track record so far…
  • Raise our children alongside of me :Same as above
  • Bring straight teeth into the relationship because I guarantee we won’t be able to afford braces for the children :He has never had braces and his teeth are perfect
  • Have a good work ethic :I’ve never seen someone work as hard as him in such a humble mannerDSC_0453

Now I know the list was semi silly but when Jared told me about his teeth I started to panic. How could my ridiculous list actually fit someone… God I guess..

I felt silly before sharing more on Jared and I since we were just dating but since I am wearing a ring I feel ok with being more open. I know this is mushy and if you don’t like it. That’s fine just stop following this blog because my upcoming posts are going to be about my ring and how I don’t know how to plan a wedding at all.

Thank you!

  1. millercommalizz said:

    Ha your list reminds me of that poster board we all wrote on in the condo…. I’M SO OVERWHELMED WITH JOY OVER THIS! I mean, it’s not like I didn’t already know 😉

  2. Susannah said:

    Love it! I too had a list:) I found it 2 days ago while moving stuff into my new place and read it to Tristan. Crazy how many silly qualities I wrote that he has! God is the perfect match maker:) best of luck in wedding planning…I swore up and down it wouldn’t be stressful but alas it was lol The best part of a wedding is the day after because you are finally married and you get to actually start life together:):)

    • Haha Susannah.. Thanks for preparing me.. I’m going to deny the stress until I have a mental break down. How many break downs can I expect?

  3. Ah I hate the term “girlfriend” as well. Congrats!

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