When Jared Knew It Was Me

I like stories a lot. This is a little embarrassing to share but I was so scared of the dark growing up that my mom slept with me until I was in the 5th grade. ha! Whenever she would lay down with me at bed time she would tell me a story. She wouldn’t tell me fairy tale stories, she’d tell me her childhood stories. This is probably why I grew up thinking in realism and not dreaming as much as a 10 year old should. Because of this I like hearing stories all of the time, especially when they come from Jared. I also have a horrible memory so when he runs out of stories of his childhood he tells me stories where we’re the main characters.

One of my favorite stories, I’ve asked him to share with you. It’s one I’ll forever ask him to tell me and to always tell even to the future beings we create.481316_10151798797420317_2096161877_n

I remember the first time Amanda and I hung out. We were both in an internship at our church. While we had met before, during the summer part of that internship I had chatted more with her throughout our daily tasks at the church. Through this, I discovered we both had a mutual interest in bikes. I didn’t really know too much about them, but my dad had taught me the basics of working on them. When she told me she needed to get her bike fixed, I was more than happy to help. Earlier that day we were both serving at a youth conference at our church, and when we finished at about lunchtime I offered to go take a look at her bike. I arrived at her condo, and to be truthful I felt a little bit uncomfortable; I always do when I’m at someone else’s place of living. I’m bad at being a guest. I went and I looked at her bike, but seeing as this was a completely unplanned appointment I had no tools with me. In retrospect it was probably kind of pointless for me to even go over there in the first place. Anyways, what was going to be a quick visit to check out her bike resulted in us hanging out. We did a lot of talking, a lot of sharing about life experiences. To be honest I don’t really remember what I said – I seldom do – but I do remember one moment very vividly. We were sitting in her dining room on opposite sides of the table (true to form of two people still uncomfortable around each other). And then I looked at her, and I made eye contact. In that moment, with her holding a glass of water in one hand, and leaning on the other – as she listened to me blabber on about something probably stupid – I remember a very distinct internal impression. The thought went through my head, “This is her.” I knew what that meant immediately, but I kind of pigeonholed it because at that time I wasn’t really prepared to deal with the implications. I had just met the lady (not woman, she doesn’t want to be a grown up) that I was created for. I can honestly say, I doubted that a couple times as she frequently showed frustrations at my pursuit of her. Here and now, though, I have no regret of that pursuit and no reservations from moving forward (if the ring didn’t give that away).


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