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So I’m taking a break from posting about weddings because frankly it’s at a stand still.

I thought I’d share my thoughts on the blog I write for called, Somewhere in the City. photo (57)

I started Say Something Clever just to document my food adventures last year. It was mostly for me and for my mom who lives miles away from me. It got a little bit more popular than I had anticipated. And because of that I met Morgan. Morgan started Somewhere in the City late last year. We met up to kind of share our interests and what we wanted to come out of each of our blogs. We had very similar interests so it just made sense to partner up and make one really great blog. Not that our blog is anything close to perfect. We relaunched the blog together at the beginning of this year and it’s been nothing but fun. At time it’s overwhelming but that’s only because I’m personally working two jobs and wedding planning. It’s the good kind of overwhelming.

I know most of you know this little story but I wanted to share it again because last night we went to our first event. I mean we’ve gone to events before but this one we were invited to cover, ha. I know I seem like I’m 15 and maybe the event wasn’t that cool and maybe we were the youngest people there but the point is someone read the blog, loved what we were doing, and thought to invite us. It is just a nice little pay off, you know?

Since this is my personal blog I thought I’d share some behind the scenes and some of my favorite posts that we’ve done so far. What works great about Morgan and I, is we play off of each other strengths. Morgan is a photographer and pretty darn good, every time we go out together I guarantee she gets better each time. I’m not just saying it either, I like her so much and feel comfortable around her that I booked her to be my wedding photographer. Point is, Morgan takes great photos so she puts a lot of work into capturing our adventures and putting the time into editing them on top of her editing weddings.

I like words and I like to write, as you can tell we’re already into the fourth paragraph and only one photo. I forgot commas and I probably have a ton of mistakes but I like to write. So I do most of the writing for our blog. We designed it at the beginning of the year to be ahead of ourselves on posts.. now we’re more like two days ahead. My writing sometimes can be only 8 hours ahead. I’ll need to get better at planning my week out.

So now for some of my favorite posts. Yes, I have favorites and this is my blog I’ll share my favorites.chompOne of the first places we went to before we relaunched was Chomp Chomp. I love this place so much. I go there quite often. Read the Somewhere in the City review here.pelesWe did our first double date here and it was my first time here. I don’t like pizza that much so I never thought to go in. Until I heard about $5 pizzas on Monday nights. Oh my word. I try to go to Pele’s every Monday night!! Read our full review here.

As much as I love food and talking about it my favorite part of our blog is our People of the City posts.  It’s been so wonderful listening to everyone’s stories and passions. Man, the people we get to sit down with. First my favorite is Marti found this blog and encouraged me to keep writing. She is a big supporter of both Say Something Clever and Somewhere in the City. She has a heart to end poverty and just loves the city. (we didn’t have a camera this day so iphone 4 to the rescue)

Next is JessejesseJesse was just plain fun to talk to. He created a poetry reading group that reads once a month. It’s called Immortal Soul. He’s a deep thinker and I think it just reminded me to stop and think. Plus he has a pretty fun view of life.

More recently we met Scott.scottScott home brews and he’s won a few medals for his beer. I don’t think I’d ever get to experience something like that if it weren’t for this blog. And hey, who knew someone so legit lived in our city. Read more about home brewing here.

We do a ton with IgersJax, the Instagram account. We met up with the guy and he features us quite often. Every Thursday we pick some of our favorite pictures from around the city and feature them on our blog. If you want a chance to be featured just hashtag igersjax. If you want to throw in our hashtag too, we wouldn’t mind #somewhereinthecity.

We’ve had a ton of people tell us they love our blog and what we’re doing. We’ve been featured and reposted a lot and it’s so nice to hear and see, I am thankful for it. I didn’t know what I was stepping into when we started it and I can only see it getting bigger!

If I haven’t give you enough links already here’s just one more. If you want to keep updated with Somewhere in the City just follow it! Leave us some comments tell us what your favorite is! Click here!


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